Access Utilities Poultry Savings

Poultry Farms

Poultry farming numbers here in the UK just seem to keep growing and whether it is for the production of eggs or for broiler flocks, it’s the animal welfare standards and hard work and best practice husbandry by the flock keepers that ensure the highest quality produce is still able to reach the consumer every day of the year.

Recent statistics indicate that over 40,000 poultry farms operate in the UK, the majority being egg producers accounting for over 85% of the poultry industry. The remaining percentage is broiler flocks of which 90% are intensively farmed to keep up with demand. Feeding and drinking requirements at all of these farms is critical and the associated costs are likely to increase annually, especially if the water used is from your Towns main Utility Company.

So how can Access Utilities help you?

We can help you by providing a more cost effective alternative borehole water supply and in terms of initial capital costs and on-going maintenance costs, there aren’t any!  It’s funded by us. Your responsibility is simply to pay an agreed reduced fixed water rate, typically saving you in excess of 25% off your original bills and if productivity at the farm increases we still provide you with the same percentage saving for all the water used.

An alternative water supply fully funded and maintained and saving you money!

Borehole water treatment

Once the borehole water has been extracted, it is sent for testing. Very often the water is fine and can be used directly, however if some treatment is required, AU will install a water treatment system to ensure that the water meets the required standards for use at the farm. Even Towns main water is treated before it can be considered safe to use, so effectively we are simply providing you with an alternative water supply that saves you money!