Access Utilities Laundry Savings


Commercial Laundries are used by many different sectors including, hotels, restaurants, nursing homes, health clubs and any other company requiring a specialised linen cleaning service.

The future of laundries….

Many Laundries now provide a linen rental service. The laundry invests and holds a comprehensive stock of items such as bedlinen, towels, and tablecloths effectively taking the investment and maintenance burden away from their customers. The laundry will operate to high standards of cleanliness and health and safety ensuring washed linen is free from contamination.

Water is essential to the operation of a modern laundry usually being provided by the local water authority with the laundry having no choice but to pay for the ever increasing costs of water.

So how can Access Utilities help you?

Access Utilities can provide you with a reliable, more cost effective alternative water supply. Not only will you pay up to 25% less for your water, the water will be soft and the flow rates and pressure for your operation can be improved too. We call this alternative water supply our

—— Hybrid Water System ——

Hybrid Water System

AU will fully fund the drilling of a dedicated borehole on site, water that you’re in control off! We test the water, treat it as required and then supply it to your laundry, softened and at the flow rates and pressures needed by you. We fix your water costs for the agreed contract period, and we maintain the system too. Typically saving you around 20% – 25% off your current water bill. There’s no risk or upfront cost to you and you still have the back up of your local water authority supply.

If you like the idea of saving money, simply give AU a call now!