Access Utilities

Dairy Farms

In recent years, UK dairy farming has seen some major changes. The number of dairy farms has steadily declined and smaller farms are finding it more and more difficult to survive as new mega dairy farms come into operation and with the price of milk still being very much dictated by the milk processors and large supermarket chains, very often farmers are having to sell their milk for less than the costs to produce it.

Regardless of the size of the dairy farm whether it be small, circa 100 – 200 head of cattle or on a mega scale with 1000`s of dairy cattle, one of the most important needs for the welfare of the cattle and production of milk is the supply and distribution of drinking water and if that water supply happens to be from your Towns main Utility Company, even this becomes an expensive but necessary commodity where farmers unfortunately have no control over rising costs.

So how can Access Utilities help you?

We can help you by giving some of that control back, ok we cannot control the price of milk, but we can provide the farm with an alternative borehole water supply, without any upfront cost or on-going maintenance charges to the farm. We can reduce your water costs by typically 25-30% less than your current water supply and even provide you with more water as your farm productivity increases at the same reduced percentage rate.

An alternative water supply fully funded and maintained and saving you money!

Borehole water treatment

Once the borehole water has been extracted, it is sent for testing. Very often the water is fine and can be used directly, however if some treatment is required, AU will install a water treatment system to ensure that the water meets the required standards for use at the farm. Even Towns main water is treated before it can be considered safe to use, so effectively we are simply providing you with an alternative water supply that saves you money!