So it’s that time of year again, dark nights and freezing temperatures will be here before you can say Christmas.

Now is the time to give your Private Water Treatment System the once over.

Things to look for,

  • Check that your pipes are fully insulated with the correct insulation materials.
  • Check for leaks, these will mainly occur at joints, valves etc.
  • Change your cartridge filters if needed, nothing worse than having to change them when it is minus 10° outside!
  • Check your UV lamp (1) Is it working? (2) is the quartz sleeve clean? (3) Check the last time your UV lamp was replaced, remember UV lamps only last 12 months!, if your lamp has not been replaced in this time frame then bacteria will be entering your system.

For more information or advice please call.

If you need us to carry out a Private Water Supply – Winter Service on your system, you can contact us on.

08442 412717

See you all again in November.