Access Utilities
Access Utilities

Nottingham Forest FC


Club Contact – Lalou Tifrit (Head of Finance)

Site Address :

Nottingham Forest Football Club,

The City Ground, Trentside North,



Starting Date: 19 January 2016

Completion Date :  May 2016

After approaching Nottingham Forest in 2014 with a proposal to take over the Severn Trent account at the City Ground we were asked to review our proposal again in 2015 and we were awarded the contract in late 2015. Having to work around the clubs busy fixture schedule we managed to start at the City Ground in January 2016.

We identified a high usage from irrigation on the pitch and potential savings within the stadium. Access Utilities installed a Borehole supply for the irrigation which is located 150 metres from the ground in a unused area of the stadium. It was drilled to around 55 Metres where we located sufficient water for our required unlicensed supply. Water was test pumped and a sample sent for laboratory testing.

Nottingham Forest will switch accounts to Access Utilities in May 2016 where they will make savings of around £15-20,000 within the first three years which isn’t taking into account increasing water charges from Severn Trent or increased usage on the pitch at no extra cost.


Following the installation of the private water supply at the City Ground we are going to install software to calculate over usage at the stadium. After this we will be installing water saving devices throughout the ground to reduce usage and costs. .