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Ladysmith Care home


Contact –Knights Care Group

Site Address :

Ladysmith Care Home,
Patrick Street, Grimsby DN32 9SL

Starting Date: May 2014

Completion Date : February 2015

Ladysmith Care Home situated in Grimsby, North East Lincolnshire were approached by Access Utilities in 2014 offering the potential to reduce their ever increasing water bills with Anglian Water. A Proposal was put together along with our schedule of works which offered savings of over £60,000 within a 10 year contract period with no investment required.

Drilling commenced in May 2014 by one of our approved subcontractors and our hydrologist anticipated a depth of 45 Metres with slight potential of an Artesian Well. Once the depth was achieved the water well was capped off and ready for the next stage of the contract. The site suffered disruption for only 7 days and the noise kept to a minimum due to the location and nature of the business. Once the supply was capped off the area was made good and ready for the testing procedure.

Test pumping commenced in June 2014 for a period of 4 weeks before the first sample was sent to the laboratory for testing. The water quality was very good at this stage although high in iron so we continued to test pump for another 6 weeks so it could settle. Our second test was near perfect and our treatment specialists then took over the next stage of the design.

With a 63mm mains into the Care Home and no storage facilities our private supply had to be able to provide enough water and pressure for peak flow periods. With two months of calculations this was worked out and a large Precolor Plant Tank Room was ordered and delivered to site.


Access Utilities
Access Utilities
Access Utilities
Access Utilities

Installation of the final fix took just under two weeks before the hybrid water system was in place. This offers the care home complete self-sufficiency if required but the insurance of secondary supply if needed. The water supplied is a purer, cleaner supply as it now doesn’t have to travel miles in underground pipes from its nearest source.

With instant savings for Knights Care Group they are one of the first Care Homes in the UK to use a hybrid water supply.

Access Utilities are now looking at similar Care Homes throughout the UK where the WRAS approved hybrid water system can help other companies make large savings on their water bills.

Ladysmith is a care home providing personal care for up to 90 elderly people, including care for people physical disabilities and dementia.

High water usage due to 90 Ensuite rooms and on site laundry.

The Private Water Supply is managed and maintained by Access Utilities and the water is to a drinking water standard that is tested to the risk assessment from the local authority.