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Basingstoke Town FC


Club Contact – David Knight (Company Secretary)

Site Address :

Basingstoke Town Football Club,

The Camrose Stadium, Western Way

Basingstoke, Hampshire

RG22 6EZ

Starting Date: 11 May 2015

Completion Date :  16 June  2015

David Knight was contacted in January 2015 regarding the water supply at The Camrose Stadium. They had noticed an increase in costs over the years due to ever increasing water prices and usage increasing due to pitch technology improving. The demand for a better quality playing surface increases each year and this requires additional water irrigated more frequently.

Access Utilities decided that a private water supply for the pitch irrigation only, taking them off expensive mains water was the answer and in May 2015 a 100 Metre deep borehole was drilled and lined. Our contractors installed the new supply to the close to the existing tank and connected up to their irrigation system.

With the financials at lower league clubs being extremely important it was beneficial for Basingstoke Town FC to agree a fixed cost over the contract period which offered them not only a 10% saving on their current spend but the capability to supply an extra £5000’s worth of water on the pitch at no extra cost!

Whilst on site Access Utilities also found a small leak at the meter which we had repaired, with our expert billing team we managed to negotiate a credit on the account of over £5000 and now monitor the whole account.


This new supply offers the groundsman a natural water supply with no chlorine and chemicals. They can more than double the usage for no extra cost!

Access Utilities are now looking at other ways to use this supply on the stadium to reduce mains water usage which in turn will reduce the bills further.