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Access Utilities specialise in borehole drilling, maintenance and water treatment.  To book a free of charge, no obligation site survey or to arrange an urgent call out, please call.

A borehole is simply  a hole (bored) drilled to access underground water reservoirs. Typically 40 – 80 metres in depth.

Depending on the purpose of the water that you extract from the borehole, will depend on what, if any, water treatment will be required to make the water fit for purpose. ie removing possible contaminants or softening or hardening the water.

Access Utilities FAQ's

Q. Do I need permission to install a borehole?

It depends. If you are the land owner, no. However depending on the quantities extracted will depend on whether you need a licence. We sort all that out for you.

Q. How much does the installation of the Hybrid Water cost?

Nothing. We cover all the upfront costs and guarantee you saving against your existing supplier, usually 10% or more. You will have to commit to certain time period in order for us to recoup our investment.

More FAQ’s to follow…


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